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I'd like to delve into the topic of school. What are your thoughts and views on public school? What are your plans for your children? What do you think about homeschooling, or unschooling?


Also, welcome to all the new members! Thanks for joining. I'm happy to see that the circumcision post is flame-free. I'd really love for this community to be a place that people can feel free to post their opinions, without fear that they will be attacked. I think there are ways we can discuss our opinions without being inflammatory or negative, which I feel is highly unproductive. What are all your thoughts?

And finally, if any of you have ideas for topics to be posted, I would LOVE it if you would post a comment OVER HERE and let us know. I don't want everything to be just about what we are interested in! Tell me what you think :)
24th-Jun-2007 02:38 pm - Gardens!
and her nose stuck in a book
Summer is upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere:) and it's gardening time! So, share your gardens with us! What are you/have you been planting? How is it going? Do you have any photos to share? Ideas? Tips? Questions?

Don't forget to title your comments!
23rd-Jun-2007 07:11 pm - Circumcision
The wonderful timecankill asked for this topic to be brought up, so here we go! I think that even though this subject can get quite heated, moms can have civilized conversations about it, as well. Everyone doesn't have to agree to everything. I honestly like hearing the other side of arguments from others.

So, circumcision. Do you or don't you? Why? What are your thoughts on the subject? Any good articles, links, info you have to spread around for those who are interested in reading up?
22nd-Jun-2007 11:48 am - Music
Everyone likes music! What's your all-time favorite? Are you only into a certain style, or are your tastes eclectic? What are you listening to right now? What are your thoughts on music, and really, anything else you think about it!


OT, but I'm really enjoying this community so far. You guys are all so interesting. I love having conversations with people on LJ - real ones, not just little comments here or there.

The only thing I'm hoping for is more members here. I think the pace would really pick up, but I'm not sure how or where I should promote the community. Any ideas? I'm terrible at that kinda thing, but I don't want to see this place go quietly into the night, either!
20th-Jun-2007 05:26 pm - What do YOU do?
As I'm getting ready for my first interview in 5 years, I was wondering, what does everyone else do? Do you work away from home? Or do you stay-at-home with your babes?

OR! Do you go to school, and have a career looming ahead in the future? Do you have a SAHM business that you run?
18th-Jun-2007 01:37 pm - Birth stories
I know I love to tell mine, so I thought this would be fun to share our birth stories (if we have them!), or birth stories you have enjoyed reading. I love reading about everyone's experiences.

So, feel free to post your stories, long or short!


Also, if you didn't know about this feature already, by tracking posts you're interested in, you'll be able to keep tabs on comments made there much more easily than going back to check. Just hit the 'track comments' button on the post you want :)
17th-Jun-2007 11:23 am - Where are you at?
Sorry there was no post yesterday! I was pickin' strawberries, and Meg was off with her newborn niece!


I was thinking it would be nice to know where everyone is located at. And maybe if this place gets big enough, we'll have people that live close to each other. I know I'm always looking for more moms to meet up for playdate, or just to chat.

So, where do you live?

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15th-Jun-2007 04:07 pm - Book club
I mentioned it a bit over in the books post, so I thought I'd throw this out again!

So far, it's just kimmlett and me. We've decided on Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden for the book - anyone interested?

I'd like to have at least 4 in a group. I'll have this post be the discussion area for the book. Anyone else been in a book club? I'm not 100% sure of what we can discuss, but hey! It sounds like dorky fun!
14th-Jun-2007 10:56 am - Photography
I think it must be inevitable, that as soon as you have children, you become really interested in taking pictures.

So, any aspiring photographers? Any pictures you have that you just love?

In the market for a new camera? Have questions about different models?

Or just show off whatever you've taken recently. Whatever floats your boat!


Also! If anyone has any ideas for new topics to talk about, please, leave a comment HERE. I'd hate for things to get repetitive around here. We would love to hear what you think!
13th-Jun-2007 11:59 am - Pets
Many of us have pets, so here's a chance to show off your cute and fuzzy animals.

But maybe you're considering getting a new pet and have questions?

What else can you say about pets? Whatever you can think of, if it's about animals, it belongs here :)

Also, don't forget to title your comments!
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